Left Field Pick Up Lines

Left Field Pick Up Lines

(Walk over to her)"Ok, you can stand next to me, as long as you don't talk about it."

Chicks dig me. I wear colored underwear.

Come on, you can't get pregnant again.

Did you know that the word 'motel' spelled backwards means 'letom'?

Do I know you from somewhere, because I don't recognize you with your clothes on?

Do you think I could borrow that dress/bustier sometime?

Excuse me, miss? Hi, I'm doing a scavenger hunt for my fraternity rush, and one of the things on my list is a umm....weird chick.

Free mammograms, get your free mammograms here, get 'em while they're hot!

Have you run into any trees lately? Then how bout a root!

Hello, Susie. Your mom couldn't make it this afternoon, she asked me to pick you up and take you home. My, what a pretty dress.

HI! Can I buy you a car?

Hi, I make more money than you can spend.

I found this [lace glove, rosary, etc.] on the floor at the club last night, is it yours? Well, if it's not, I'd like to give it to you anyway.

I saw you at the party last weekend and you look kind of interesting.. Let's meet sometime...

Is it that cold out or are you just smuggling tic-tac's

Want to see my stamp collection?

What's a nice girl like you doing with a face like that?

You know, if we cut your arms off, you'd look just like Venus de Milo.

If I pet you, would you follow me home?

Greetings and salivations

Chicks dig me because I rarely wear any underwear, and when I do it is usually something eroticaly exotic...want to see?

I need to dump my load. Do you mind waiting for me on the bonnet of my car?

Pardon me, can I borrow your spatula?

I have big feet.

Not only can I palm an NBA basketball, I wear a 13 1/2 size shoe

I want you to have my children. In fact, you can have them right now, they're out in the car.

Most people would agree that society these days has lost a bit of it's civility. It's a shame. You have excellent posture.

I'm the one responsible for all those crop circles in England.

Pick Up Lines

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